Law firm marketing

Your own Social Media, Newsletter, Blog.

Included in the LEAP Websites service is extra tools to help you nurture your current clients, retain business and promote your firm to attract new clients using; blogs, newsletters and social media.

BLOGS: Whilst a website is static – a bit like an online brochure, a blog is dynamic and reactive. It is more like a newspaper that invites participation from readers. You can post text, images, videos and all manner of digital media on the blog to make it an interesting place to visit. The blog that you get with your LEAP Website includes more than 25 training videos to help you get up and going without needing to pay for expensive outside support.

SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION: If you have a staff member who enjoys using social media, it is possible to re-use the content of your blog, by having it post the content of your blog to Twitter and Facebook. You can unleash creative capabilities and attract more clients to your firm by using this LEAP Websites feature.

NEWSLETTERS: A LEAP Websites website for your small law firm will enable you to achieve the following for your business:

  • Gather newsletter followers for new and current clients by adding a subscription button to your homepage;
  • Create email lists of these subscriptions based on whether they are new or returning clients, or by service/ area of law;
  • Create and send out communications to these targeted lists via an electronic newsletter; and
  • Analyse those who have engaged with it.

Readers can also select which newsletters they want to receive.

Start attracting new clients and making more money!